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Career Options to look after 12th in Computer Science

Career Options to look after 12th in Computer Science

After passing the 12th board students get distressed and confused with their head full of dreams. Their dreams can be channelized if they know what they want to do and which career field they are going to choose so they can do wonders. With various technologies and options, there are different fields that you can choose from. One of the most important and popular fields nowadays is computer science. You may have your subject of computer science in your school. Did you know that this career offers an abundance of courses that you can choose from? After completing your 12th, you can either prepare for IIT to get admission in various computer courses if you want to go into the field of IT. 

List of career choices in the Computer Science field

Below we have listed a few courses in Computer Science after the 12th that can be opted as a dream career so you can see your future bright. 

  • B Tech in Computer Science 

BTech in computer science is one of the popular and lucrative courses which is in massive demand in the industry with applications. You can consider it and learn various computer basics of its applications in computer programming and understand its multiple concepts. It also includes computer algorithms, designs, programming languages, computer hardware, and many more. This course is in great demand so you might see great competition while pursuing it. You can get a degree in computer science from various institutes like IIT, NIT, BITS Pilani, etc. After completing this course you can be a data scientist, choose artificial intelligence as a career option, develop games, work with security and intelligence, and many more.

  • B Tech and Information Technology

This course is famous for students of computer science because it offers a great curriculum and goals. It focuses on various computer programming and its concept where you can get a chance to study, networking, database management, programming, and various aspects of IT. It is an excellent choice for the student who wants to pursue a career in tech. As IT sectors offer various fields with great salaries and growth opportunities this degree will help you to enter the field. Did you know what is the average pay of a BTech in IT graduate? If we talk about numbers, then 7 lakh per annum is the average salary of the candidate who chooses the career option for BTech in IT. 

  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) 

We have already studied the engineering courses above, but apart from them, you can also pursue other courses in computer science. BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is one of the popular courses where you will learn to read applications of computer science. In the subject, you will study the fundamental concepts of the computer that involves various subjects like software development, database management, artificial intelligence, computer network, computer science, and many more. It is a great choice to pursue your career in the tech sector and it will help you to pursue an advance role in technology. If we talk about the global market, then the application development was 131.4 billion in 2020. There are various job opportunities in computer applications like Java development, computer scientist, computer programming, technology specialist, web analyst, software, analysis, and many more.

  • B.SC computer science

BSC in computer science after 12th confuses students because they think a bachelor’s in science and computer applications are the same thing. But their different courses at BCA focus on computer applications in computer science after the 12th. While on the other hand, BSC focuses on the theory and is related to more concepts. After completion of this degree, there are various courses available in the field that offer system analyst, web designers, back-end developer, computer graphics, and many more.

  • B.Sc. in another science stream

You don’t need to pursue a computer science degree to make your career in computer science. You can enroll in the BSC stream depending on your choosing on the 12th. With this, you can choose various streams like BSc Agriculture, BSc Biotechnology, BSc Zoology, BSc Clinical Research & Healthcare Management, BSc Forestry, BSc Microbiology, BSc Nursing, and B.Sc. Physiotherapy, B.Sc. Radiology, B.Sc. Bioinformatics, B.Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Chemistry, B.Sc. Botany, and many more. 

Get your career started

You need to be clear about what you want then you are on the right track. Computer science is a vast field that offers great career opportunities and notable growth. You can easily see various career options in which you have an interest. This will create a great path toward your success and future. But before everything, you must appear for the exam and make yourself successful enough to get qualified in top educational institutions. For this you need to study and score well in the exam so that you can secure your seat in top colleges of engineering and computer science.