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Toppers Talk : ABHEEK GERA  (AIR : 531, JEE ADVANCED – 2022)

Summary of the interview conducted by Mohit Tyagi sir, of our star student Abheek Gera who is studying Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi:

At the beginning of my 12th grade year, I began preparing for the IIT-JEE; I referred the lectures on the YouTube channel of Mohit Tyagi (Competishun). I’ve been able to better comprehend the topics thanks to the content that has been provided, which is extremely well explained. In addition, the Competishun study materials and  Solving Modules, DPP, and PYQs have been extremely helpful. To the best of my knowledge, I completed nearly every module, including the PYQs and DPP, as they helped me gaining confidence in solving questions. I later enrolled in Competishun’s CHAMP & CATS course, which ultimately assisted me in achieving my goal of attending IIT.

Watch the full interview here:

Interaction of Mohit Tyagi Sir with Abheek Gera in an Interview

Excerpts of the complete interview:

  • Mohit Tyagi Sir: Is the content on Mohit Tyagi’s YouTube channel sufficient for IIT-JEE preparation?

Abheek Gera : Indeed, I referred to the resources there were accessible on Youtube Channel (MohitTyagi) for clearing idea/points. I first encountered the ALK sir Thermodynamics lecture, which in fact assisted me in understanding the concept. After that, I searched the channel for additional content and was amazed to find high-quality lectures for preparation.

  • Mohit Tyagi Sir: How can I overcome low points and breakdowns while preparing for IIT-JEE ?

Abheek Gera : I went through low points a lot of the time, like when I didn’t do well on the review test and thought I hadn’t prepared well or had missed some important points. I tried to give myself some time to relax, and after that I was back to normal and got back to my daily routine. I began focusing on the key areas in which I was lacking after conducting an analysis on myself.

  • Mohit Tyagi Sir: Candidates should or shouldn’t use multiple study materials.

Abheek Gera: I practiced, prepared, and studied thoroughly from a particular set of study material. I tried to finish all of the modules, including the DPP and PYQs, and instead of switching to other study materials frequently, I decided to go back over my own notes and try to understand the concept if I had any trouble.

  • Mohit Tyagi Sir: What was the Main Exams’ Test Attempting Strategy?

Abheek Gera : In JEE Main, I used a simple strategy: if a question in a section seemed difficult or would take a lot of time, I would leave it at the beginning and try to finish the paper. Then, I would give time to the questions I had left, and yes, before the time ran out, I would have time to review all the questions I had tried and not tried. For Advanced,

Yes, I used a different method for attempting. I used to first look at the straightforward and challenging questions. To avoid negative marking, I avoided over attempting the questions in which I had doubts and tried to attempt the majority of the questions, which appear to be simple to complete.

  • Mohit Tyagi Sir: Is it possible to improve your JEE Main and Adv rank by adhering to the basic strategy?

Abheek Gera : I simply watched the lectures on YouTube, which were extremely helpful. Additionally, regularly practicing and completing Module, DPP, and PYQs can significantly boost one’s initial confidence in answering questions and adhering to fundamentals and basis strategy I am sure one can achieve the desired set goal.

In addition, based on my experience with Team Competishun, I can confidently state that Guidance, Preparation Strategy, and confidence building can all be accomplished with their assistance. If you are committed to achieving your objective, I am confident that Team Competishun will contribute their full efforts, resources, and time to assist you in acing your goal to IIT.