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How to manage Boards and JEE preparation together for Class XII students?

Maintaining an equal balance between your CBSE board exams and JEE is quite challenging. If you are in class 11th then you can easily manage the time because you don’t have the pressure to score well in your board exams. But the student of class 12th juggles between both exams. The exam pattern for JEE demands conceptual understanding and application-based skills through their multiple-choice question (MCQ) pattern and Numerical Answers. On the other hand, NCERT books demand subjective question answers based on the NCERT test book. Preparing for both of them simultaneously can be done with the right method and meticulously. 

There is no potential data available, but it is believed that more than half of JEE aspirants qualify for their exam on their first attempt. It means that you just need to imply simple and smart planning that effectively balances your school and JEE preparation. In this way, you can crack both exams with flying colors. You can take help from an expert who advises you to balance time between both. Taking some expert advice and tips will help you to manage both the exam preparation together in the best way possible.

Tips to manage your time for boards and JEE together:

  1. Prepare a timetable

Make effective time management to add the key to your success. Start by preparing a productive and distinct timetable, but keep the steps in mind before drafting your timetable.

  • Assign definite time to every subject or topic
  • Try to cover different topics of at least three subjects in a day
  • Avoid sitting for too long, and take frequent breaks to refresh your mood
  • Choose and allocate a dedicated time to school working with a small chunk for JEE doubt understanding
  • Give more time to subjects and topics that are more complex
  • Start with setting targets for each day
  • Assign some hours to revise and study the 11th class syllabus as well
  • Meanwhile, spend some time with leisure activities and daily activities to lighten up your mood.
  • Follow your timetable strictly and stick to it for a long.
  1. Understand the exam pattern and syllabus

The balance between school board exam and JEE preparation should be done effectively. As an aspirant of JEE advance you need to understand the pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, difficulty level, weight age of every topic between both exams. Below we have mentioned some of the differences that help you to understand each of them clearly.

ParticularsBoards JEE
Exam Pattern Subjective with long explanationsMCQ’s (Multiple choice questions)
SyllabusOnly 12th class syllabus11th and 12th class syllabus
SubjectsPhysics, Chemistry, MathBut more subjects can be included Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Difficulty LevelEasy to High, depends upon the setting of question paperVery high, the students who understand every topic in details can qualify
Negative MarkingNo negative marking, except no marks for un-attempted questions-1 for each wrong answer

These are just a few points that help you to understand how both exams are different from each other. If you want to score well then preparation and maintaining a balance between both of them are equally important.

  1. Understand the basics

Both the exam pattern is different but still, the syllabus is the same. It is important to clear all your basic topics and gets an in-depth understanding of the concepts and fundamentals. Prepare yourself well because it will help you to ace both exams. Do not forget to refer to NCERT books for your board’s exams and for JEE exam paper you can refer to books from different authors or take notes from your online or offline classes. 

  1. Complete your syllabus 

We have seen that students generally start preparing for JEE exam without finishing their board exam syllabus. Never do this because it can’t change the whole game for both exams. Always remember to clear your CBSE syllabus because it will help you to clear all your basic doubts and after that for intermediate or high-level start preparing for JEE syllabus. You need to get a good percentage on both exams so you cannot afford to miss anything. Starts your preparation early on every topic and ask any questions or doubts to your teacher or mentor if needed.

  1. Practice previous year paper 

There is only one single formula to manage both exams that are practiced. Practice as many questions as you can for both exams and try to solve all the previous questions and mock tests so you can easily familiarize yourself with the exam pattern. Practicing the previous paper will help you to identify the gaps and this will boost your confidence and you can easily manage your time to approach the main exam. Evaluate your performance on your weak areas and improve them before the main exam.

  1. Take mock test

Taking the regular test will help you to evaluate your preparation and understand your weak points. And in this way, you can easily approach an augmented journey to get a clear picture of where you stand. In this way, you can work on the improvement and start preparing for the one that you needed the most.

Implement these strategies and tips in your daily life and you can easily balance your school boards and JEE exam preparation. But the most important thing is to understand that you need to stay healthy and take enough sleep including adding a balanced diet. The study, preparing, and getting good marks in exams are important but living a healthy life and doing regular exercise to maintain your health are equally important. Good luck with your exams and we hope that your future will endeavor with flying colors.