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How to Stay Motivated for JEE 2023 when the Exam date is not yet announced?

Being one of the toughest exams in the country JEE or Joint Entrance Exam helps students to get admission into the top engineering College in India-IIT. This exam is conducted in two phases, mainly JEE Mains and JEE Advance. On average 12 to 15 lakhs student sit for this exam every year but only thousands of them reserve their seat at IIT. After this around two lakhs, students elected to appear for JEE Advance. The figures appear above of students is explained that gives the tough competition to every aspirant of IIT. This is a very long journey with different barrier that comes in the way to demotivate the students. Students generally start preparing for this exam after their 10th.

This exam is conducted by NTA or National Test Agency which ensures the announcement of the date before 2-3 months. But sometimes it’s not confirmed when this exam going to happen. On the other hand, we can say that any student who is ready with his/her preparation can give it at any time. No matter when it is going to happen. With a few motivation tips, we give you an idea of how to reach your goal. We have written this article so you can crack this exam with good marks and secure your place in one of India’s top institutes of IIT.

Why do students need motivation for IIT JEE? 

Motivation for anything is important, especially if you want to clear the goal and fulfill your dreams for IIT. For every aspirant of engineering, IIT is the road to their success. It opens a lot of career paths for the student toward a bright future. You should always be motivated to study and win the competition for IIT Institute. Enthusiasm is very important because if you don’t have the inspiration for the competition, you can leave this midway or feel demotivated. With some easy tricks and motivational points in your life, you can easily stay focused and start preparation before the announcement of the date.

  • Set your goal

This is very important for you because if you have a clear vision, you easily know what exactly you want. But before that have you ever thought about why you were appearing for JEE exam? This is one question that keeps your mind clear and makes you stay focused to get admission to your dream institute. If you want to set this as your goal, then start writing this on paper and paste it in front of your study table. Whenever you feel demotivated, it is hard or low, look at this paper and think why you need to start this preparation. This will fill great energy in you, and you can easily set your goal before the exam date. We know that announcement of the exam date makes everyone stay focused. But if you have this set up in your mind, you can easily stay focused and work towards your success.

  • Give yourself reward

It is not important that any elder can reward you for your good work. You can also encourage yourself and set your daily or weekly goals. Once you achieve that you can reward yourself and that includes anything like a small party with friends, watching any good series, having your favorite dish, or playing with your friends. This goal is very important that make you focused on IIT-JEE. If you have this in your mind, you don’t think that you have enough time to waste. These little efforts will rejuvenate your goal and you will feel encouraged to study and easily achieve your daily goals.

  • Surround yourself with positive people 

Having positive people around make everyone feel happy and motivated. The best quality of positive people is that they always make you feel happy and share your mood. If you ever feel demotivated, then this uplifts your mood, and you can easily motivate yourself to work hard. The presence of positive people with success stories will make you feel pride and give your work do hard and stay inspired.

  • Review your progress regularly 

It is important for everyone to monitor their goal and track their progress. This will help them to reach their goal much faster. If you don’t reveal your goals regularly then you can lose the right track. We know that if the exam date hasn’t been announced, it can easily demotivate you and make you feel lazy. Do everything on time if you have enough time. Always work on the best and stay focused and motivated.

Wrapping up

You know your syllabus so what waiting for? If you’re curious to know the date, then this is not the time to move your focus from the preparations. You can easily refer to the past exam, timings, and month and with this, you can know when exactly the exam going to happen. But what is most important is that you should analyze your preparation level with the help of mock test series. If you have your preparations going on, then you can easily crack the exam with a useful strategy without waiting for the exam date.