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Know your College : IIT Madras

The curriculum of IIT produces world-class engineers. IIT-JEE is considered one of the toughest exams. This is a reason why these engineering colleges bring a sustainable amount of science and Humanities content to create the best engineers for the future.

These naming institutions have various universities all around the country. The one more we are discussing today is the Indian Institute of Technology Madras or IIT Madras. It is recognized as an institute of National Importance that has been considerably rated as one of the prestigious universities in the country. IIT Madras is founded in 1959 with the vision of national and technical assistance from the foreign government of West Germany. It was the third IIT established by the government of India. In 2016 IIT Madras is ranked as one of the top engineering institutes in India by the ministry of education and the national institutional ranking framework.

History and background

After the signed agreement of first between Indo-German West Germany in 1959 IIT-Madars got established. It is one of the largest international educational projects which was sponsored by the government of West Germany. The government has agreed to aid using this higher technological Institute at Madras. This institute was later known as IIT Madras which start functioning with its first 120 batches which were admitted in July 1959. This institute was inaugurated by the Union Minister of scientific research and culture affairs in 1959. The first batch had overall 120 students from different parts of India. Also, this institute admitted its first woman student batch in B.Tech in 1966.

JEE Cutoffs IIT Madras

S NoAcademic Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
1Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)6175
2Electrical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)2521028
3Engineering Physics (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)10622090
4Mechanical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)8272786
5Aerospace Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)12453881
6Physics (5 Years, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (Dual Degree))1064318
7Chemical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)12764677
8Aerospace Engineering (5 Years, Bachelor and Master of Technology (Dual Degree))46474819
9Engineering Design (5 Years, Bachelor and Master of Technology (Dual Degree))23535374
10Civil Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)42246106
11Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)42796305
12Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)58777966
13Biological Engineering (5 Years, Bachelor and Master of Technology (Dual Degree))16768056
14Biological Sciences (5 Years, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (Dual Degree))808111452
JEE Advanced 2022 JoSAA Counselling 6th Round Cutoff Opening and Closing Ranks of Open Gender Neutral Category

The campus

IIT Madras is a residential institute that occupies a 2.5 km² campus that was formerly part of its adjoining national park. It has faculty of 600 with students of 10,000 and 1,250 administrative supporting staff. Due to its adjoining to the national park, you can easily find spotted deer, black buck, and some other rare wildlife. The main entrance of the IIT Madras is on Sardar Patel Road and it is close to the Raj Bhavan which is the official stay of the governor of Tamil Nadu. The campus is 10 km away from the Chennai airport and 12 km away from the Chennai Central railway station.

This campus is so beautiful then you can easily see the scenic beauty here. Most of the students reside in the hostels of IIT Madras. This campus includes 20 hostels that are divided among men and women. Sindhu, Pampa, Mahanadi, and other hostels or for boys whereas on the other hand, whereas Sarojini, and Sabarmati are made for girls. IIT Madras has various facilities like a hospital, shopping center, food shop, gym, sleeping room and cricket, football court, hockey field, and badminton Stadium. Also, for the student internet is always available in the academy and for the faculty of the staff residential zone. IIT Madras due to its supercomputing capability with IBM cluster 97 of teraflops’ worth of computational power.


IIT Madras offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degree courses across 16 disciplines in engineering, science, and humanities. The 600 faculty belong to the science and engineering department as the Centre of Institute, Humanities, engineering research, and industrial consultancy. There are nearly a hundred laboratories for engineering and science students and advanced research organized around the semester. Students get evaluated based on their work and this evaluation is done by the faculty members. For the B.Tech program or dual degree and you should appear for JEE advance and follow the exam criteria to get admission to this college.

Departments at IIT Madras 

Below is the list of departments at IIT-Madras:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Management Studies
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Physics

These are the departments, but in these departments, there many courses for undergraduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. courses are offered to students. Apart from these many programs and courses are also offered at IIT-Madras. 

Placements at IIT- Madras

IIT- Madras is the foremost Institute with its national presence that offers reputed placements in various multinational companies. IIT- Madras offers a great number of national and international job placements and salary packages compared to other IITs in the country. More than 80% of students look for in-house placement and receive their job in the same tenure. If you see, then the average salary of the placement was around 21.48 lakhs per annum in the year 2022. Various international companies and multinational companies offer jobs and to the students here Accenture, Quantbox Research, Money Forward, Uber offers where salary packages to the student here.

Bright your future with excellence

IIT-Madras is a great place to enhance your future and brighten it. Apart from study and academics it also offers great festivals throughout the year that helps the student to encourage their co-curricular activities. The area of IIT Madras also called Heritage Centre offers exhibits, including photographs, documents, publications, paintings, portraits, and other articles. This campus and activities for students’ life have broadened the scope of the center future to non-academic activities also. If you are looking to prosper in your career at IIT then this is a great place where you can start your career and live your dream.