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Do’s and Don’ts in the last 20 Days before JEE Main 2023 from an IIT Bombay Student

Hi as JEE Main-2023 January attempt is just 20 days away. I am Ayush Kaushik, a jee 2022 aspirant. Currently, I’m pursuing from IIT Bombay. I had secured All India Rank 3779 in jee advance and 99.6 percentile in jee mains (I was not a dropper) so I wanted to share some of the strategies that I used during my jee prep.  I had divided them into four major points, just read them out and try to follow.

  1. NCERT:-

NCERT is the bible for chemistry, especially inorganic i could firmly say that  inorganic was my backbone in jee main and that was because of ncert only i had read it at least 3 times (inorganic chemistry only) believe or  not   inorganic is rank deciding subject (rds) and the good part is that inorganic is mostly ncert based so if you have done ncert then it will definite be a boost i have read ncert mostly during my board and that helped a lot(especially p-block) right now only 20 days are left then i would suggest to revise ncert (if you had read) and if you had not then do some important chapters like block chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemistry in everyday life, biomolecules (for organic). I remember my time when I checked drug names just 3 hours before mains and a question came in jee main related to  that and that gave me 4 marks and that had made a huge difference. 

  1. PYQS:-

 PYQs is the best source ever for jee main exam. As jee main had been in many different shifts there are many papers available you can attempt as many papers as you want especially after 2019 attempting PYQs gives you a reality check about your preparation and gives you a new direction to your  preparation i had attempted all the papers of 2021 and 4 to 5 papers of 2020 this period is best for attempting PYQs and analysing the test is core of this process if you don’t analyse then it could only help to maintain your speed not to improve it.

 After attempting the paper you should check the topic in which  marks are less, then try to revise it from your short notes. This is a very conventional method but works well for jee mains. As many tests you would give the more you would  be exposed to your mistakes the lesser would be the probability for you to make mistakes in jee main give tests in proper time boundation and try to give two tests a day, i would not say to give tests every day as it might drain out your energy and increase your frustration, you could give two tests a week and don’t worry if marks are not that up  to the mark like if your scoring averagely above 160 then your preparation is decent if not then also no need to worry just do improvements as much you  could. If your marks are below 150 (on average) then try to clear the basics.

If you are losing marks in some fact-related questions that are directly from ncert then it is your charge to read ncert properly these marks are as teachers say “free ka marks” you must gain it. Another reason could be your calculation speed for this as well. You should do as many calculative questions as you can. Like the questions of JEE Main specific topics help a lot in improving calculation speed, don’t feel afraid of it, accept calculations as part of your jee main prep. You should know different calculation tricks like solving the square root of numbers from 1 to 20(a mean method is there) . You must check  out such tricks and more on the Youtube Channels of Competishun and Mohit Tyagi sir.   


There is no hard and fast rule that I could tell you about paper attempting but I could tell you about my method after giving so many PYQs something that become obvious to me was that maths is hard so for a confidence boost I use to attempt chemistry first then physics and maths like on an average I use to complete physics and chemistry in one and a half hour and give rest all time to maths (still not getting good marks in maths).so, yeah you could follow this otherwise what I would say is to attempt paper with a flexible strategy you don’t have to be rigid about your method. And please don’t get emotionally attached to the question because you had read that topic or you had wasted so much time already on the question you should be very clear in your mind that you only have 3 hours and you should give a maximum of 3 minutes to the problem don’t let any question to cross this limit(be flexible a bit ).

 Always do easy questions first no matter how tough the paper comes there will always be some easy questions that you are missing so whenever you find yourself in a situation where you find that no more easy question is there in jee main just keep recalling this thing that there are always some easy questions that you have not checked yet and this idea had helped me to sort more number of easier questions.


Confidence is a key factor in this examination you should have a firm belief in your preparation and grit to get the most out of the paper I had not cracked any olympiads, I always wonder that many students had qualified so many olympiads I would get marks less than them in jee but when the result came my marks was far better than many of those star kids that thing made me realized that consistency and hard work always pay off no matter how much talented you are if you are determined to achieve something you will get it just keep working hard (smartly) to get that and had some self-belief.

 As board exams are also coming and 75% criteria is still there you should manage both exams parallelly and try to study additional subjects the most like it was English and painting in my case.

Some of you might be droppers and might have not got 75% in the board exams and would be worried about that but this is a matter of counseling just work hard whatever happens will happen after jee main.