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As we all know JEE main 1st  attempt is over now and the results have declared many of you have got marks as you expected but a majority of you may not get the result you anticipated or worked for, it happens but the reality now is the fact that you have your second attempt now in which you could increase your percentile using the learnings from your first attempt. From here we could bifurcate students into two groups one whose first attempt went well and another whose first attempt was not satisfactory first group doesn’t need to worry about the next attempt they just need to keep revisiting JEE main specific topic and start doing tough questions for JEE advance prep.

The latter group should focus more on NCERT and clear their basics first, you should be aware of the fact that JEE advance is not about tough questions it is rather more about patience and confidence so don’t get involved with tough questions,  in the advance paper there are always some questions which could be solved with some basic techniques you should target these questions first and it is more than 50% of the questions so with basics only you cold clear advance easily and get admission in your dream IIT. For both groups, it is advised that they should practice basic questions more, and if time allows then they should practice tough questions.

 You should write down important formulas on paper and stick them near your study table it should also include important structures in chemistry so that they could be revised easily. You should Practice mains first session problems and also the remaining pyqs. Try to identify your mistakes in the first attempt like improper sleep cycle, lack of revision, and not attempting mock tests regularly, after identification try to eradicate this in the next session prep.

 I have heared many people saying that it is very hard to score a good percentile in 2nd attempt but I don’t belive in this ,if you are working dedicately then no matter which session it is if you have done serious prep  then it will pay off definitely. You should also note here that both sessions are independent of each other and you could get a good percentile in session 2 as well I have many friends in IIT Bombay whose percentile got increased in 2nd attempt. So don’t waste your precious time on useless toughts. Success in main also boosts confidence for JEE advance.

Keeping in mind the fact that the gap between session 2 and advance is small you should also start some side hustle for advance like practicing pyqs and doing tough exercises of your coaching module don’t look for some side book now as your time is very crucial and you can’t waste it.  I’m reminding you again that advance is not about only tough questions. So don’t go only for tough questions, practising basic questions could target both mains 2 and advance both. If you have command on basics then you could increase the difficulty bar of your questions. I had seen many students doing tough questions and getting basic questions wrong this practice is not good. By basics, I mean standard question practice, all formulae commands, and basic concept applications.

If your 1st session percentile is decent then you could carry on with advance preparations by doing some good questions and keep revisiting mains specific topics. By good questions I mean decent concept application questions and not some out-of-the-syllabus problem that you get served on the internet.

When it comes to competitive exams like JEE exam-temperament becomes an important factor here and it could build up only when you have practiced attempting exams before. So to fulfill this you should give regular tests and analyze them afterward. It may be possible that your all concepts are clear but in the exam, you panicked and it went bad to avoid this you need to build your exam temperament. JEE is more about application rather than a simple theory exam so you should make sure that you can apply the concepts in limited time.

All the best for JEE main and use the rest of your time wisely to get into your dream college.