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Know Your College : NIT Trichy

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, or NIT Trichy is a research and public technical University. It’s in the city of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India, and was founded as a regional engineering College in 1964 by the government of India and Tamil Nadu. This University was founded as the application of the University of Madras and the college was granted deemed University status in the year 2003 with the approval of UGC and the government of India as NIT Trichy.

The history and background of NIT Trichy

This institute holds the importance of the government of India under the Institute of technology and science and education research. This university focuses exclusively on management, engineering, science and technology, and architecture. It offers 10 bachelor’s, 40 master and 17 doctor programs under its 17 Academy departments. It was ranked as 5th Institute for architecture, 8th for engineering, and 3rd for its management program, among the 23 overall academy institutions in India. It was titled the best industry link centrally funded technical institutions in India by the Indian industry in 2015.

Know More about the campus

NIT holds its importance with its large academy campus in India. Its main entrance is located in the South and North campus that faces the national highway. The institute facilitates various departments, buildings, laboratories, workshops, lecture halls, computer Centres, and libraries. Separate building departments for engineering, architecture, management, compare application; energy and environmental engineering are also there. You can see the clock Tower in the Institute as a landmark. Orion lecture hall is also constructed here which is meant for undergraduate students that consists of 24 large lecture halls. 

The admin and facilities on campus

NIT Trichy has a model Library that has more than 2.5 Lakh documents that consist of books, reports, standards, compact discs, and back large volumes and journals. This institute holds membership with British Council Library, Chennai, including developing a Library network in New Delhi. The library is air conditioning and Wi-Fi enabled with a reading hall which is situated opposite the civil engineering department building. Apart from this residential facilities are provided on the campus for students, faculty, and staff of the institute. The majority of students live on campus in residential hostels. In total there are 22 boy hostels and 5 girl hostels that hold a capacity of 5000 students.

Meals are served by the two huge messes and to government mess along with the pure vegetarian mess which is located on the campus. Also, there are various cafeterias and cafes where charged food is available for the students. Apart from food basic facilities on the campus, including, a guesthouse, hospital, and pharmacy are also there. Students often look for the bank so this institute has the facility of the various bank with its ATM. Cafe Coffee Day and the naturals parlor along with one supermarket are also the main center of attraction in the residential zone of the building.

The sports facilities at NIT Trichy

The sports center, which has indoor badminton courts and a male fitness center, is where the majority of the institute’s athletic facilities are located. A gym is also included in the Opal hostel, which is the dorm for females. A 25-meter (82-foot) swimming pool and an outdoor stadium with a 400-meter (1,300-foot) track that doubles as a cricket pitch are located next to this structure. Basketball courts and indoor table tennis tables can be found in the residence halls, among other amenities, on campus. 2014 saw the opening of a brand-new, international-standard indoor sports arena close to the basketball court. Two lawn tennis courts were constructed nearby the basketball court in 2017.

Clubs and society at NIT Trichy

Over 35 student organizations at NIT Trichy serve a wide range of interests, including cultural, social, and professional clubs, as well as student newspapers and recreational organizations. In their first year, undergraduate students take part in one of the National Cadet Corps, National Sports Organization, or National Service Scheme, three national programs. Numerous national and international academic societies are hosted by the college. These groups occasionally host several workshops, seminars, and guest lectures by well-known figures in their respective professions. They are also in charge of giving students the chance to participate in numerous international activities.

The departs fests and their names at NIT Trichy

Every year, a symposium—a sort of technical festival—is held by each academic department of NIT Trichy. The symposiums, which last two days, typically feature paper presentations, guest lectures, workshops, and other activities related to the primary theme each department has chosen for the year.

  • Alchemy (chemical engineering)
  • Archcult (architecture)
  • Bizzdom (management studies)
  • Currents (electrical and electronics engineering)
  • Inphynitt (physics)
  • Mettle (metallurgical and materials engineering)
  • Moments (civil engineering)
  • Probe (electronics and communication engineering)
  • Prodigy (production engineering)
  • Sensors (instrumentation and control engineering)
  • Synergy (mechanical engineering)

Enjoy your every day at NIT Trichy

Like any other engineering, College NIT Trichy is one of the recommended colleges by every engineering aspirant. The campus and student life are so memorable that you will remember your days after college life. You can have a lot of activities with one of the best-recommended faculty and staff at NIT Trichy. You can be part of cultural activities and various programs held at college. If you are preparing to be part of NIT Trichy then this is the chance when you can score well and save your seat here.